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The Story is everything

Publicerat den 18 januari, 2016

The story is everything
Facts, numbers, scores. We get them all the time, from early morning to late at night, and can hardly read a paper or an article without them. Sometimes they make the story and sometimes they help with the story. But they are so dull in language that they are pointless mentioning without a story. Data is so simple in language that it only consist of ten digits from 0 to 9 and so meaningless by itself that it doesn’t mean anything to anyone. They always need a story to verify them and to make them useful.

With data growing exponentially so does explanation of the data, more analysing and more storytelling. More data is useless if we don’t explain it, giving it a context or comparing it to other development. More data doesn’t explain anything if we can’t tell the story.

Some numbers are forever self explained as we all relate them to a story. But still, 9/11 means nothing without the memory of a terrifying terror act and the new One World Trade Center in New York, with it’s spectacular views over Statue of Liberty and Manhattan.

So exponentially growing data means exponentially growing demand of analysis?
That statement could mean that we haven’t learned anything. More data, hopefully, makes better decisions based on a good analysis. But once again, more data gives more complex explanation and the need for more analysis will grow.

What this comes down to is our statement. The story is everything. Whatever your are trying to tell or sell, you need a story based on facts that covers who you are, how you got there and what is your future prospects. Stories based on demographics, economics, urbanization, globalization and digitalization are all described as the megatrends. You need the data, everyone has it, but your story will make all the difference. The story will be the place of competition and it need authenticity and originality.

My recent journeys have proved just that the story is everything. Key West in Florida, Madison Square Garden in New York and Svanstein in Swedish Lapland. The authenticity comes with the facts combined with the story. A geographical point with a story to tell and the numbers will create a story no one can copy.

This is what we do at Razormind. Analyze your data, listen to your story, enhance your story and recommend how to invest in it. The story is everything and we bring facts to life

We bring facts to life


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