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Svanstein ”the story is everything” in 300 seconds

Publicerat den 13 januari, 2016

Have you ever heard about Svanstein?

I had two goals with my presentation at Hotel Market Seminars January 12th, 2016 at Marriot Courtyard Stockholm. 270 hotel managers from all over Sweden and with international guests. They will always remember the story of Svanstein and always be able to point Svanstein out on a map. You can find the slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/RazorBjorn/presentation-svanstein-300-seconds-12-jan-2016
The challenge was to tell the story within 300 seconds (5 minutes) and with on big clock counting down for everyone in the audience to follow.

So this is the story i told them:

First of all. Location is everything! In the Hotel business you know all about that. But there is a geographical point here that makes it very easy for you to point out where Svanstein is located. Svanstein is at the country border between Sweden and Finland. The second border crossing when you have arrived in Svanstein, you just crossed the arctic circle. So Svanstein location is right at the corner of the Sweden/Finland border and the arctic circle. You can’t miss that! It’s so easy you can tell anyone from Australia, China or even Stockholm exactly where you have Svanstein. This not in the middle of something, it’s exactly at the corner.

There is actually a third line crossing Svanstein. And this one is even more interesting. Svanstein is on the list of UNESCO’s world heritages and this is because the Struves geodetic arc. It consists of 265 measuring points starting at the Black Sea, crossing 10 countries and ends in north Norway. And it runs straight through Svanstein. What Struve proved in 1855 was the right shape of the earth. It’s not round, it’s a bit flatter at the poles. Pretty cool to measure that with technology from 1855!

So it’s a bit like all the roads leads to Rome. All the lines connects in Svanstein

So what about the name then. It’s a love story actually, dated to 1753 when Abraham Steinholz decided to marry his newfound love Sara Svanberg. And you just need to look at the names and you figure out what happened.

When they moved to the place they were going to name Svanstein, there were no lines! Finland belonged to Sweden for another 50 years, Struve finished his work 100 years later. And there was no sign saying welcome to the arctic circle or any other sign at all. Tourism was not really invented yet and certainly not in this area. But the natural resources where overwhelming. The probably got there during summertime and 24 hour daylight, plenty of salmon in the lakes, rich woods with wildlife and of course, iron. Svanstein is a historic mining village. So Sara and Abraham were miners and started their work in 1753.

So now you know the location and the story of the name. Will you remember this? Do you want go there?

Good! Because we are going, starting this summer, to build a 120-room concept hotel and selling 150 lots in direct contact to one of Scandinavia’s best ski areas with 16 slopes and more is coming. All detail plans are settled and all permissions necessary are in place.

What we are working on right now is what are the anticipations when you are arriving to Svanstein, with these stories. What are the colors, materials, activities, food and how to make them all together enhance this story. How can we invest in that. Because this is the difference. These stories makes the whole difference to any other existing resort in Scandinavia or Europe. Therefore we have the statement – ”The story is everything”

My name is Björn Arvidsson and the Company is called Razormind. This is what we do. We make facts come to life. I will be here for the rest of the day if you have questions about Svanstein or Razormind.

End of story and my 300 seconds!

Björn Arvidsson
Razormind AB
Box 3351
103 67 Stockholm
070-594 19 30


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